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The Code of Conduct
Last update: 12th July 2024

This Workplace Code of Conduct (“Code”) establishes the principles and expectations for professional conduct and ethical behavior for all employees of TARGITAI LTD. By adhering to this Code, we foster a positive, inclusive, and respectful work environment that aligns with our core values and organizational objectives.


1. Scope and applicability

This Code applies to all employees of TARGITAI LTD, regardless of their position or location.

Contractors and temporary staff are also expected to adhere to this Code while working for or on behalf of the company.

2. Core values and principles

We work to promote a culture of excellence in business education where children discover leadership and learn business techniques for a successful adult life in an atmosphere of caring, mutual respect and safety that extends to the community at large.

Our values are:

·         Uniqueness

·         Ethicality

·         Ecological thinking

·         Hard work

·         Purposefulness

·         Ownership

·         Educational Excellence

·         Service to society

3. Professionalism

Employees are expected to always conduct themselves in a professional manner. This includes punctuality, reliability, and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

4. Respect and inclusion

We value diversity and are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

Harassment, discrimination, or any form of bullying will not be tolerated.

5. Integrity and ethics

Employees must act with integrity and uphold the highest ethical standards in all professional interactions.

This includes avoiding conflicts of interest and acting in the best interests of the company.

6. Dress code

Employees are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for their role and the work environment.

7. Technology and social media usage

Company technology and social media should be used responsibly and in accordance with company policies.

Confidential information must not be shared online or through social media platforms.

8. Health and safety

Employees must comply with all health and safety regulations and report any hazards or unsafe conditions.

A commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is the responsibility of every employee.

9. Conflict resolution

Any workplace conflicts should be resolved in a professional and respectful manner.

Employees are encouraged to seek the assistance of their supervisor or HR if needed.

10. Reporting mechanisms

Employees are encouraged to report any unethical behavior or violations of this Code.

TARGITAI LTD is committed to protecting the anonymity and safety of those who report misconduct.

By adhering to this Code, employees contribute to the success and reputation of TARGITAI LTD. Failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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