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Weekend Business School for children at Chesterfield

Weekend Business School

For children aged 8 to 16 years

Unique 8 years education programme

4.5 hours a week on chosen weekday 

Saturday or Sunday

Free time for your parental wellbeing

As your child works towards a successful future

We help children and young people between the ages of 8 to 16 learn the skills and mindset of successful entrepreneurs, top managers and top experts in their fields.

Most life strategies are set in childhood.

What does your child dream about?

What does he or she want to be?

Where does their energy and attention go?

We have been helping children discover their talents and naturally turn them into advantages in communicating with peers, solving life's challenges and learning.

What our education programme includes

Each course is covered within 1 academic year (10 months). 

The programme is implemented as a staged learning of consecutive courses that cover 45 subjects of business and social studies during the 8 years. The subjects are presented in a mixed form that gives students a realistic and practical understanding of the world on the following (the list is not exhaustive):


  • economics

  • finance

  • marketing

  • project management

  • business operations

  • innovation and entrepreneurship

  • communication

  • leadership

  • sociology

  • law

  • psychology

  • business ethics

During each course, each student develops 8 basic intellects to become their 'full potential' and their practical skills to create and successfully implement business ideas. Learning progresses step by step from course to course, building outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

Weekend classes are interactive, encouraging students to ask questions, think creatively and participate in team-based games. 

The programme places a strong emphasis on developing students' creativity and the principle of learning by doing, which is why each course is based on the different types of Practice. The main practical experience comes from the creation of real start-ups within the framework of the Business Incubator, which covers all the steps from the initial generation of a business idea to the registration of a company, sales and marketing.

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